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Dr. William Brogna is a highly-respected and board-certified chiropractor, specializing in physical therapy, massage therapy, nutrition, and pain relief at his hands-on office in Jupiter, Florida. Praised by patients for his comprehensive techniques and dedication to helping patients become pain-free, Dr. Brogna brings 15 years of experience in caring for the spine, muscles, ligaments, and overall health needs of patients throughout the Jupiter, FL area. A native of Pennsylvania, Dr. Brogna graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology/Pre-Medical Studies. From there, he received his medical training at the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL in 2006, where he graduated with honors. A member of the Chiropractic Physicians Board of Florida, Dr. Brogna is certified to provide high-quality chiropractic services anywhere in the state. He is also a member of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiner (Part 1-4), meaning he is certified and knowledgeable in all procedures and clinical methods of chiropractic practice and is able to practice in any state in the country. Because he is not affiliated with any specific hospital, Dr. Brogna is able to cooperate with other specialists and doctors in his medical group. Through his unique combination of exercise programs, personalized diet, and supplement plans, as well as stretching and massage techniques, Dr. Brogna is able to help his patients get rid of their pain and regain mobility, strength, and endurance. His goal is to offer the least invasive techniques while providing the most efficient and quickest of recovery times.

In his free time, Dr. Brogna is an avid golfer and often frequents the gym along with getting outside to run as much as he can. He also enjoys playing basketball, biking, boating, snorkeling and frequenting the beach to enjoy all the outdoor activities that Florida can offer. Dr. Brogna enjoys staying up-to-date on the latest diet and therapy trends trying to keep his rehabilitation fresh and up to date for all of his patient bases.

Dr. William Brogna

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